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Jaimini Astrology

Jaimini astrology propounded by Sage Jaimini, a contemporary of sage Parasara, has a unique system of prognostication though the results are synonymous with that of the system propounded by Sage Parasara.

Jaimini says 'siddam anyat'- vivid readers can follow others views while predicting.

This system is based on the principle that a planet which has attained highest longitude in any sign has got the potential of turning the native according to the characteristics of that particular 'graha' - planets.

The sign which has conjunction of planets is more stronger than other signs not having planets or lesser number of planets. A movable sign is to be considered stronger for some events and weaker in regard to certain other events. e.g. Movable signs provide long life while for a particular Dasa system it is considered weak.

The special features are the seven karakas represented by the seven planets, the aspects of the 'signs', the dasas of zodiacal signs, application of different Dasa system for different events in life, results of combinations of karakas (yogas of karakas), unique but improvised system of calculating strength of planets. The entire treatise is by way of simple aphorisms and difficult to comprehend. The timing of events through Jaimini system is more accurate. Jaimini Astrology can be learnt and applied only by those who have a background of Parasara's astrology. Thus it requires a thorough understanding of the principles of the Science of Astrology.

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