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Match Making

"Behind every successful man is a woman."

Astrology plays an important role in one's life in selecting a life partner. The institution of marriage is a matter of commitment and goes well if you have conviction for it, but fails abruptly if you lose interest in the fellowship.

   "Jal se Kamal, Kamal se Jal"
Jal Kamal se hai, Shobha Sar Ki"

Var se Vadhu, Vadhu se Var
Var Vadhu se hai, Shobha Ghar ki

(Just as water and the lotus are inseparable and adorn the head; in the same way, the Bride and the Groom are inseparable and adorn the Home together.)

Astrology guides one in the following ways.

  • Proper Selection of Groom or Bride
  • Muhurtha ( Auspicious Timing )
  • Progeny
  • Life Style
  • Mangalya Bhava ( Longevity of husband )
For selection of Groom or Bride -
VISIT - The Indian matrimonial site offering matchmaking services for hindu, muslim, christian, sikh and other communities in India.

Compatibility between the prospective bride and groom is judged along these lines:

  • Varan: Work
  • Vaishya: Personal relationship
  • Tara: Destiny
  • Yoni: Mental Compatibility
  • Griha: Nature
  • Gana: Social Relationship
  • Bhakoot: For Life
  • Nadi: Physical Compatibility

Horoscopes are called the mirror of one's identity. There is nobody in this world who is averse to see this mirror. Therefore, one has to make full use of this divine science and make life Heaven on earth.

For any further consultations, Contact/Mail - relevant details to the Astrologer.