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  Jyotish Sastra is the Science that treats the time

" It is the truth of knowledge that is
Gnana - Vignana.
It helps in anticipating and predicting
the events of life."

 Termed as Hora Sastra in Sanskrit, Jyotish literally means 'Knowledge of Light'. The word Astrology has been derived from the word - Aster meaning a Star, & Logy meaning Study.

It may also be defined a s the Philosophy of Discovering and analysing past impulses and future actions of both individuals and nations in the light of Planetary Configurations. It is the Science of Correlation of Astronomical facts with terrestrial events. Astrology is primarily concerned with the application of Celestial phenomena to terrestrial phenomena in general and man in particular.

The rationale of astrology is planetary motions and their corresponding effects on all animate and inanimate objects and their responses to these motions and positions perceived and observed for the last thousands of years systematized and brought under general principles of astrology.