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Did you Know?

What is Astrology?

Is Astrology A Science, an Art or a Craft?

Astrology is much more than being called a Science, an Art or a Craft.

Astrology is the study of the relationship of planets and stars in their constellations. It is also the study of the impact of these planets and constellations on the individual and the nation.

Astrologer's basic data is the Horoscope, on which he uses his brain. He prepares the Birth Chart after labouring over the Ephemeris, Table of Houses, Latitudes, Longitudes, Rasimanas, etc. It requires lot of mathematical inputs. To this extent Astrology can be classified as a Science.

The Astrologer interprets the position of planets and the ascendants in the chart and delineate the personality, characteristics of the native. This dexterity is known as Craft.

In interpreting a horoscope, the astrologer is helped by the rules framed by our ancient scholars. This skill with which he uses these rules to precisely pinpoint the events in the life of the native is the Art.

An astrologer must, therefore, know Mathematics to prepare the horoscope, must have the skill to adapt the rules & interpret the same to the native who has sought his counseling. Hence, astrology is all-in-one i.e., A Science, An Art & A Craft.