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Tajik Sastra / Annual Horoscope

Vedic Astrology broadly speaking consists of three systems of Predictive Astrology, namely, Parasara, Jaimini and Tajika.

The Sun GodThe Tajika System
besides Jataka - the individual, also deals with Mundane - the world as a whole.

This technique is based on the theory of annual recurrence of solar-return when Sun enters the same degree of longitude as it was at the time of the native's birth.

The significance of Annual Chart lies in the fact that it examines the dynamic configuration of planets in a particular year with a view to see whether the events promised in the birthchart are going to materialise during the year as per operational periods (Dasa system) and transits (gochar).

The annual chart, however, cannot promise the fulfillment of an event if not guaranteed in the Birth chart despite its indication in the annual chart.

In this way, Tajika is an important aspect of Hindu Astrology in delineating annual results very accurately, acting complementary to the other techniques of Astrology.

For learning Tajika Sastra, contact the Astrologer.