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Jaimini Astrology - An Overview
by K R Chari
yotish is generally attributed to the Sage Parasara. A few knew that Parasara had a contemporary in Rishi Jaimini who propounded a unique system for prognosticating a horoscope.

My attempt in presenting this system to the devoted readers of this great Divine Science is only a proof of the pudding, which I tried to digest during my scholastic days. I am presenting my thoughts on Jaimini briefly.

Karakas: Jaimini introduces "Planets as Variable Karakas" such as Atma, Amatya, Bhratru, Matru, Putra, Gnati, and Dara Karakas represented by planets in the order of longitudes from highest to lowest or say descending order. The planet having the highest longitude (devoid of sign) being named as Atmakaraka and the one with the least longitude called Darakaraka. The rest are in between as per order indicated above.

Aspect: He has a unique system of planetary aspects. Chara Rasis and grahas posited therein aspect Sthira Rasis and the planets in them except the one, which is adjacent. Likewise Sthira Rasis along with the planets in them aspect Chara Rasis and the planets posited in such Rasis except the Chara Rasi which is twelfth to a particular Sthira Rasi. Every Dwiswabhava Rasi aspects other three Dwiswabhava signs and planets thereof.

Yogas: Yogas in Jaimini system are quite different. There are ofcourse Raja Yogas, Dhana Yogas and Arishta Yogas. These are generally considered from the position, aspect and conjunction of Karakas.

Strength:The Strength of Planets and signs are easily ascertainable. There is an improvised and easy method of calculating the strength of Rasis and Grahas unlike the tedious calculations involved in Shadbala.

Dasa System: The Dasa System propounded by Jaimini is several and is that of Rasis and not Grahas unlike Parasara System. Each kind of Dasa is meant for certain specific events in one's life.

Argala: Planetary aspects are modified by certain agencies called "Argala". Planets in the 4th, 2nd, 11th & 5th house from a sign causes "Argala" which may tend to augment or destroy the results provided by the sign in question according as the planet posited in the sign is a benefic or malefic respectively. More than two malefic in the third causes malefic argalas. These benefic or malefic Argalas are counteracted by planets posited in the 10th, 12th, 3rd, 9th respectively to the houses mentioned above. The results of these argalas are felt during the dasa period of the Rasis, which have Argala.

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