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A brief summary of the significations of the Planets and Houses is given below:

* Sun (Ravi, Surya): Self, ego, projection of one's self onto the outside world, ambitions, father, eyes, heart

* Moon (Chandra): Mind, emotions, general well-being, mother, females in general, general public, milk, growth in early childhood, fertility, brain, eyesight, breast, menstrual cycle

* Mars (Kuja, Mangal):Younger Siblings, initiative, motivation, courage, technical or mechanical ability, sports, military figures, police, accidents, fires, weapons, sexual energy, physical strength, operations, muscular system, blood, bone marrow

* Mercury (Budha): Intelligence, speech, education, matters relating to communication such as speech and writing, analytical ability, humour, maths, astrology, short journeys, nervous system, brain disorders, epilepsy

* Jupiter (Guru, Brihaspati): Expansion, creativity, children, spiritual growth, meditation, compassion, morals, legal affairs, fortune (luck), guru, speculation, gambling, foreign matters, allergies, lever, thighs

* Venus (Shukra): Spouse, romance, marriage, comforts, luxuries, happiness, wealth, beauty, sense of form, fine arts, conveyances (such as car or boat), passion, sensuality, sexual pleasure, medicine, mantras, magnetism, venereal diseases, reproductive system

* Saturn (Shani): Longevity, loss, misery, restriction, delays, denials, accidents, authority figures (such as government body), leadership abilities, spiritual growth, non-attachment, asceticism, perfection, structural matters, construction work, theft, matters relating to the earth such as farming, archeology, mining, teeth, bones, skeletal system, paralysis, asthma, rheumatism

* Rahu: Extrovert tendencies, showy, sense gratification, ability to attract the masses, sudden events or changes

* Ketu: Introvert tendencies, spirituality, asceticism, natural healing methods, psychic abilities, wisdom, high knowledge, astral forces, tendency to be unnoticed. These are the basic indications of the grahas.

As with the summary below for the bhavas, these indications should be firmly understood and committed to memory before attempting to read charts.

House 1 (Lagna Bhava): Overall well-being, general tendencies, physical appearance, longevity, body, limbs, face, head

House 2 (Dhana Bhava): Early life, wealth, items relating to mouth, such as speech and food, vision in general, right eye in particular, throat, neck

House 3 (Bratru Bhava): Success through own efforts, courage, adventures, initiative, motivation, fine arts (singing, dancing, directors), voice, matters relating to communication such as writing, shoulders, arms, hands, breasts, right ear

House 4 (Sukha Bhava): Mother, home life, fixed assets (such as land), conveyances (such as cars), general happiness, comforts, academic degree, endings, close of life, passions, emotions, matters of the heart

House 5 (Putra Bhava): Children, intelligence, sense of destiny (poorvapunya), morals, pleasure, romances, charity

House 6 (Shatru Bhava): Challenges from competitors or enemies, disease (which can be thought of as challenges from biological enemies), medical profession, debts, subordinates such as workers or tenants, service work, food, restaurants, police, military, cousins, maternal uncle

House 7 (Kalatra Bhava): Spouse, partners, sexual passions, courts, residence in foreign lands, desire, generosity

House 8 (Ayur Bhava): Life force, longevity, spiritual practices, intuition, psychic abilities, gains from wills and insurance policies, chronic and long-term sickness, monetary gains from partner, secrets, sexual potency, sexual diseases, misfortunes, accidents

House 9 (Bhagya Bhava): Fortune (luck), father or preceptor, virtuousness, religion, faith, morals, law, long journeys, higher knowledge, medicine, knees

House 10 (Karma Bhava): Profession, respectability, fame, honors, fame, activities that benefit society, authority, government work, pilgrimages

House 11 (Laba Bhava): Gains through profession, ambitions, eldest brother, paternal uncle, legs, ankles

House 12 (Vraya Bhava): Loss, expenditures, misfortunes, confinement (such as prison), hospitals, secret enemies, connections with foreign countries, spiritual liberation, comforts of the bed, left ear, left, eye, feet.

The above information provides a very basic summary of the meanings of the grahas and bhavas. More coming up soon..

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